Reboot news! 27/03/17

I put the new info about new reboot: Time 1:45 AM 27/03/2017: Added mine zone to City Caves 1F and 2F. Fixed Pets now are undead. Fixed MonAI of QueenOfDawn. Changed respawn of AbyssKR and ad... Read more

Server ON - Again

Fixed and added some protections to prevent part of DDoS. I hope now works fine. ;) Added more things (23:30): Recoded some things to prevent attack. Murderers now have locked some functio... Read more

Server is Down due DDoS

Title says everything... Some ppl are attacking the server, these night has hardly attacked. When i take a moment i try to find the bug attackers used to fix them. ;) Sorry for any incon... Read more

Reboot 19-03-17 - Done! + Patch!

News with reboot of today: Upgraded caves: huynmoon. Fixed caves: Dino KR. Fixes on eiserver with addons (now on testing), rebirth name color, xtra options on menu D. Fixes on eiserver & gat... Read more

Patch 10-03-17

Update for the client manually, copy to Folder \Data\ Download: - LINK Updates (if i miss something i update this info :P im a little busy): - Updated respawn of 3F Private Caves and chang... Read more

Reboot today NEWS! 04-03-17 (dd/mm/yy)

new Patch (Copy to game \Data\): -!iUFSkQ4Y!qJmPuURlSnPnsqLKx1ePvZ-ElWtO4HjilCbgHp4Bhpw Fixed first Rebirth startup bug. Fixed rebirth lvl 2 in menu D shop. Added Rebirth lvl... Read more

Server Crashed :P booted fine :)

News! New things added: - Added skill MirrorImage missing to upgrade rank to 4 & 5. - Magic points skills downgraded a lot. [See ScreenShoot] - Working in parallel with the server emul... Read more

Reboot Today 8d - 1m - 16y (Reboot OK)

Things fixed & Added: - Lottery fix. Random assignation not working fine. - Added Master Boss invocator. - Added FP to Tadangga. (Under test) - Fixed Gate of NumaHill. - Coded Rebirth xtras u... Read more

Patch Update and reboot 07/01/2017 16:45

- Drugs rank (IV) for levels +44. - Auto Award system when play. - Upgraded some Drops: (IceKing, QueenOfDawn, Abyss dragons and Sama..) - Stackable Bonds. - Reward system for first login, appli... Read more

Reboot 31-12-16 0:25 aprox.

Reboot OK! ^^ The patch is added to autopatcher, but if for someone not works you can put the file manually. Download: - Link Copy this file inside Game folder "\Data\". Enjoy ;) ... Read more


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