Server Crashed :P booted fine :)

News! New things added: - Added skill MirrorImage missing to upgrade rank to 4 & 5. - Magic points skills downgraded a lot. [See ScreenShoot] - Working in parallel with the server emul... Read more

Reboot Today 8d - 1m - 16y (Reboot OK)

Things fixed & Added: - Lottery fix. Random assignation not working fine. - Added Master Boss invocator. - Added FP to Tadangga. (Under test) - Fixed Gate of NumaHill. - Coded Rebirth xtras u... Read more

Patch Update and reboot 07/01/2017 16:45

- Drugs rank (IV) for levels +44. - Auto Award system when play. - Upgraded some Drops: (IceKing, QueenOfDawn, Abyss dragons and Sama..) - Stackable Bonds. - Reward system for first login, appli... Read more

Reboot 31-12-16 0:25 aprox.

Reboot OK! ^^ The patch is added to autopatcher, but if for someone not works you can put the file manually. Download: - Link Copy this file inside Game folder "\Data\". Enjoy ;) ... Read more

News! 12-12-16

Things added: 1 Pet for all class level +70 (Healer). This pet its for help Hunting on Hardest caves. 1 Pet for Assassin and Warrior for levels +45 (Attack - MultiTarget). 1 Free Pet for all leve... Read more

Reboot 05/12/16 23:50:

Things for reboot 05/12/16 23:50: - NumaHill zone + Legendary piece items. - Fixed drop of IceAngel. - Added FP on all Boss die & Boss advisor to everyone knows what mob is killed. - Quit al... Read more

Reboot 06-10-16 (23:30h GMT +1) & Patch

Sorry for the wait, we are very busy with the childrens and life These are the updates for next reboot!! - Mobs upgraded: All exp x2 (+ applied buff ) - Items upgraded: Elite: WraithArm... Read more

Reboot 29-09-16 - 15:30

The server need to reboot due a bug on ONE magic of Taoist Class. - Fix ExplosiveTalisman hits to normal ratios. - Upgrade AC, AMC, DC and MC for Shinsu and Pets. - Upgraded Book drops for Zo... Read more

Reboot 26-09-16 & Patch

While finish the launcher updater to do all the updates automatically, atm the patches need to be put manually. Patch to put inside Data folder on Client, to view the new changes after reboot: - L... Read more

Updates with Reboot 13-09-16 - ^^

Fixed on the reboot: Sex change npc. Added high rates to master refine, take attention to the npc text and try... (i suggest to dont trash any drop item, try to refine with some in bag...) The... Read more


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